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Looking for new hunting boots? Lacrosse Alpha SST boots may be the answer

Finding the right hunting boot can take some time, but finding the right hunting boot is very important. There are alot of things to consider when buying new boots. Comfort is most important to me!! I've been wearing Lacrosse Alpha Burly boots for a while now, and I love them. They have a nice tennis style fit, which makes walking very comfortable. I just saw the ad for the new Lacrosse Alpha SST boots(pretty cool ad), click on Alpha SST TV ad to check it out!! Take advantage of Cabela's: $20 off $100

Click here to get more information on the boots!!

Here are some stats on the boots:

SST: Scent-Suppressing Technology
1200grams of Thinsulate
18" height

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How to make Homemade Deer Mineral Lick

A Baby Fawn Whitetail Deer laying in the grass...
Thought I'd pass along this recipe for a homemade mineral lick for deer. Here's a link to the eHow article: How to make Homemade Mineral Lick. In addition to deer feeders, it's very important to have an established deer mineral lick. I've used this recipe in the past, and it's proven it works. Not only do deer utilize it heavily, these supplement minerals provide alot of nutrition for the deer.

1 part Dicalcium Phosphate (dairy feed additive, comes in 50lb bags. You'll need one)
2 parts trace mineral salt (loose) (50lb bags, buy two)
1 part loose stock salt.  (50lb bags, buy one)

Makes around 200lbs, you can usually make two or three mineral licks with the ingredients.

All of these are available to purchase at most local feed and farm supply stores. You can use a 3-lb coffee can for the measurements. Clear 3-ft circle of ground of any leaves, debris, etc. Also, you can use a rake or shovel to break up the ground, so the minerals get soaked into the soil.

Dicalcium phosphate is used primarily as dairy cattle feed additive and other animal feeds. It promotes feed digestion, weight gain, and milk production, which is obviously beneficial to a lactating doe deer. Dicalcium phosphate contains roughly between 18 and 21 percent phosphorus and 19 to 23 percent calcium.

Dicalicium phospate is great for antler growth because antlers are consist of large amounts of calcium and phosphorous.

Trace minerals contains salt, which is an attractant, but also contains magnesium and potassium. These minerals also help the deer herd health.

This should be replenished after 6 months and then once a year thereafter. Most use seems to be during the spring and summer months on mineral licks. It's a good idea to keep these areas replenished and stocked in the same spot to maintain use. I like to put mine out in March. Also, it's nice to have this mineral spot close to water.

Good luck hunting!!

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Why you should not bet facebook friends on football!!

This is a perfect example of why you shouldn't bet on football. This guy told all his facebook friends, that the Washington Redskins would beat the New Orlean Saints. He told them if New Orleans won, they could come over and shoot his TV. Well, Saints won in overtime. 33-30. Several truckloads of drunk rednecks show up with pistols, shotguns, semi-automatic rifles, and even automatic rifles to pay a visit to his big screen TV.

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Bowhunter shooting skeet!

I wouldn't say he's the greatest archer of all time, but looks like the guy can shoot!! I came across this bow shooting video. I'm not sure if this is real or fake, but if it's real very impressive. This guy from Kansas can straight up shoot, whether it be bow or gun. Very impressive skeet shooting with a compound bow. It looks like he uses some sort of custom skeet thrower. Check this video out!!

StruttinBucks knocks down a BIG Illinois Buck!!

Heath and Brandon went up to Illinois this past week. They only hunted a few days and knocked down a big Illinois buck. This will be on Season 3 of StruttinBuck Outdoor Reality TV show. They got some great footage, so check it out this upcoming year.

I won the lottery!!...well maybe not the lottery but still I won something!!

I'm the type of guy that always misses giveaways by one number or one person, but this time I actually won!!
Ben, over at Ben G. Outdoors, put on a Reader Appreciation Giveway a few weeks ago , and I was one of the lucky winners!! I won second place, which was a hoodie from Warrior Outdoors. He also gave away several other great prizes including several Rack Attack DVDs from Warrior Outdoors, Muck Boots from Hank's Clothing, and a Magnet Gun Caddy.

Big thanks to Ben for putting this giveaway on. Stop by and check out his site Ben G. Outdoors, he's always got some great articles!!

I'm addicted!! I need help!!

Day 059/365 - Heroine AddictionImage by Tiago Rïbeiro via Flickr
Please help!! I have a serious issue. This addiction started so fast I didn't see it coming. First use, was recreational. Now I just can't get enough of it....I find myself using while at work, while I suppose to be working around the house...I even sneak a hit or two in between TV shows at night. Any suggestions for help? I'm sure there is a support group that I could find somewhere. The drug is easy to come by, and even has a free option. By the way, my drug of choice is Google Earth!! I've looked at so many hunting places I'm pretty sure I have them memorized. I'm leaving for Kansas Friday, so hopefully I can bag a good buck, and take a break for awhile!!

Kids remember drugs are bad and will ruin your life. Try hunting and fishing, they both have great adrenaline rushes, and hunting and fishing trips can become some of your best memories!!
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Bowhunting Blog - Check this Out! What an Amazing Whitetail Buck Mount!

Trying to decide what kind of mount you should get with your next trophy, check this mount out at Bowhunting Blog!! Not only is it a really sweet mount, the rack isn't half bad either :)

Bowhunting Blog - Check this Out! What an Amazing Whitetail Buck Mount!

Online scouting and hunting tools

topo mapImage via Wikipedia
Well, thank goodness for the internet!! Guess we should all thank Al Gore for creating it :)

Free online hunting tools!! Gotta love them!!

If you're like me, I love to hunt different places in my home state, but also do some hunting out of state. I've got work, family, etc. so time to scout on foot is very limited. So I do alot of pre-scouting using a variety of tools. Using these tools can drastically reduce the areas that you need to scout on foot. You can locate pinch-points, funnels, saddles, foodplots, etc. and then just put the locations on your gps and away you go.

Here are some of the tools that I use:

1) Google Earth -
Good aerial photos, and just a cool application to use. Offers maps and satellite images for complex or pinpointed regional searches. You can use GPS coordinates for searches

2) ACME Mapper 2.0 -
Uses Google Maps, but also includes different map types including TOPO and DOQ types.

3) USAPhotomaps -
USAPhotomaps downloads all the data to my pc so I don't need internet. satellite, topo, and gps support. It works flawlessly but, it is a front end for Terra Server and therefor, the satellite pics are not quite as good. I have it on my laptop, so I use it in camp when I don't have internet. This tool was created by an individual so I donated to help his cause, since it's some good software.

4) State Wildlife Maps - Many of the states wildlife agencies have maps of there public ground, so check those out as well. I often use a combination of these tools.
Here are a few states that have online maps available:
Kansas -
Arkansas -
Missouri -

If you want to print off some topographical maps of your hunting ground, check out

Feel free to comment on some tools that you use!! Good luck hope these tools help you!!

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Heading to Kansas!!

Male Kansas White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virg...Image via Wikipedia
Well, I'm heading to Kansas in the morning. I know it's early, but I've got some free time, and since the tags aren't cheap. I figure I better try my hardest and spend as much time as I can up there. I'm just going for a couple days, but hoping to catch some early pre-rut action. It looks like it's going to be some good weather, hopefully I can have some good encounters, and come back with a Kansas giant!! I'll keep ya posted!!
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Taking the wife hunting....Lord, give me Patience

Well, after my bear hunting debacle this year, my hunting has been slow!! I took my wife muzzleloading this past saturday. And of course, we get in a little spat before we go. I can tend to think she should know everything about hunting, and I'm not very patient anyway. But I'm working on it, so give me a break. After she got me lined out, we kissed and made up, and heading to the stand. We saw a few does, and she wanted to shoot one, but I had mercy for them, until they snorted at us. I told her to shoot one, but she didn't think I was serious. The way I look at it is if those does want to act stupid, then I'll let the air out of them :) We got some good video of them though. They came into the food plot around 5:30pm and left at dark. They were chowing down on Austrian winter peas mixed with Biologic Green Patch Plus. She didn't get to put anything on the ground, but we still had a great time watching the deer, and spending time together.
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Bushnell Trophy Cam = Fast Trigger = Great Game Camera Pics

Here are some game camera pics from my Bushnell Trophy Cam game camera. I'll try and keep posting some pictures as the year goes along. Hopefully, I can post some big buck pictures in the future. The year is a little slow so far. This camera was setup on just a deer trail. No corn or any other attractant. As you can see the camera triggered before the deer even got to full frame. I've used Moultrie game cameras in the past, and while they've been good over feeders, I've never gotten a great trigger speed out of the Moultrie game cameras. But I've usually gotten the$100-$150 range cameras from Moultrie. I do not know how the higher end cameras perform. But so far, I love this new Bushnell Trophy Cam!! These pictures are taken using the 3-megapixel setting. It has a 5-megapixel setting also. Hope you enjoy the pics!!

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A must have for easy access to your binoculars and rangefinder

If you're like me having access to your optics is a must. I can't tell you how many times I've been digging around in my backpack while on the stand trying to get my rangefinder or binoculars, before the deer gets out of site. Well, I finally purchased the Crooked Horn Outfitters Bino-System. It's a harness that holds your binoculars and/or rangefinder close to your body, and out of the way if you're bowhunting. I hate binoculars hanging around my neck so these let your shoulders do the supporting. Check them out at Bass Pro Shops.

What binoculars do you guys use? I'm in need of some new hunting binoculars. I've been looking at the Nikon Monarch ATB 10x42 binoculars pretty hard!! Nikon binoculars have a great reputation and great reviews. Hopefully, I'll have me a new pair of Nikon Monarch bincoculars by Christmas! (Hint: Christmas present)

Nikon  Monarch? ATB Binoculars - Roof Prism

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What to do when mosquitos are eating you alive when deer hunting?

This past week was the start of Arkansas archery season. I was sitting in my stand doing some bear hunting, and swatting at mosquitoes. I got to thinking about a hunt I had a few years back when I really thought I was going to die from all the mosquitoes sucking my blood out. Me and my brother-in-law were trying to drag the deer out of the swamp, but it was just muddy, and thick, and seemed like we just stirred up the mosquitoes worse. So I came up with a better plan, it seemed like a good idea at first...Here's the video

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Bears and Big Buck - things are looking GOOD!!

Well, second day was uneventful. Bears had hit the bait at night, but nothing during daylight hours. So on the 3rd day I decided to hunt on the bear stand all day. That morning around 9am I heard something to my left and saw a deer moving behind me. I noticed antlers right away. He was about 60-70 yards away, of course, since I was on the bear stand I wasn't prepared to see any deer, so I didn't have a grunt call or anything. Plus he was heading away from me, and don't think it would have helped. He looked to be around 120" deer, hopefully I can catch up with him later. Saw another smaller buck on the same trail about 30 minutes later. No

bears came into the stand so I decided to get down at 11, and go to camp and get some lunch. I climbed back up into my stand at 1:45 and noticed the barrel had been moved, and two fresh piles of bear crap right in front of my camera. I couldn't believe it. I've sat in the stand for several hours, and took a small break and they come in. I was upset to say the least, so I figured that was going to be it, so I took a nap. I woke up to something running down the hill. I couldn't believe it. Two bears coming in!! My heart started pounding!! Turned the video camera on..grabbed bow. I realized these were two smaller bears probably around 175-200lbs, definitely not the big ones I had on camera, but I decided I'd try and take one. I setting my pin, and shot....right over it's back!! I thought it was just nerves, they didn't spook, so I grabbed another arrow, gathered my composure, released another arrow..WHACK, no that wasn't a whack of hitting the bear I had shot high again perfectly nailing the 55-gallon drum. One of the bear ran one way another the other this point I'm so rattled I don't know that the problem is...I get another arrow, last one might I add, the bear comes in again to try and meet up with the other. So I shot again, and yes you guessed it..right over it AGAIN!! They finally left, so I got down got my arrows and climbed back up. I decided my sights must have been knocked off, so I shot at a spot on the ground, and I was correct. I was over a foot high at 20 yards, so I'm guessing either bumped it on the four wheeler or bumped the sights when pulling it up the tree. Needless to say, I'm still feeling rejected over it...but it was exciting and fun, and that is bowhunting!! Going to shoot my bow right now to see where the problem is!! Here is a couple pics of the bears before I attempted to shoot one of them :)

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Arkansas Bow Season Day One

Whitetail Doe
It's finally here!! Arkansas Archery Season started on October 1st. I've spent alot of time this year preparing for trying to kill my first black bear with my bow. I'll post more about in a coming post, but the plan was to hunt for whitetails in the morning then get on the bear stand around noon. Opening morning, I was sitting in one of my favorite tree stands. It's on a point with two good draws running on both sides of it with a clearcut just a 100 yards away. There are alot of acorns dropping in the area, so I thought it'd be a perfect place to be opening morning. I was walking into my stand that morning, and I was about 10 yards from my stand, and I look up and see two BIG red eyes staring at me. It was right at my mineral lick. I just knew it was a BIG bear, and then my mind starting thinking it was a sow with cubs that's why she's not running away, so as I'm trying to think of how fast I'm going to run away, I realized that I had my headlamp on the led red light, so I clicked it to regular white light, and it was a big doe standing there looking at me. It's funny how your mind can make you think some crazy things. I had to laugh at myself for that. The doe ended up walking closer to me, and never spooked just walked by. Later on that morning, I had a another doe come in, and I thought about shooting her but decided I'd pass, and try and get one later. I did find some new rubs, so I'll probably try and get back in there in a week or so. The bear stand that afternoon was uneventful, didn't see anything.
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Bowhunting Blog - HUGE North Dakota buck taken by Bow!

It's that time again!! I love this time of year. Nothing like getting your juices flowing than seeing these giants shot!! Congrats to Jon Skalicky for arrowing a buck of a lifetime!!
Bowhunting Blog - HUGE North Dakota buck taken by Bow!

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Arkansas River Valley rich with hunting opportunities

Arkansas River Valley rich with hunting opportunities … more

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Bushnell Trophy Cam Pics

I thought I'd post a few pictures from my new Bushnell Trophy Game Camera that I bought this year. I love the camera. It takes color pictures during day, and no-flash IR pictures at night. When taking infrared pictures at night, a little red light comes on then goes off that's it. I'm got it setup on my bear site right now, but I moved it earlier this week, so hopefully I'll be posting some pics of a big buck next week.

Bowhunting Blog - The Bear Hunting Necessities

Great Bowhunting Blog-good article on bear hunting setups, check it out!!

Bowhunting Blog - The Bear Hunting Necessities

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Blast from the past - Arkansas Bear Hunt

Arkansas Archery Bear season is right around the corner, so I thought I'd post this hunting video, that me and my brother-in-law filmed a few years back. Bowhunting black bear is a pretty cool experience. We've actually got some good black bear hunting in Arkansas. There are several bears over 300lbs killed in Arkansas every year. Hope you enjoy the video, and hopefully I'll be posting another video in a few weeks, if I get lucky enough to harvest a big black bear.

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Going with GrimReaper Broadheads!!

Well, I've been shooting Rocket Sidewinder broadheads
for a few years now. They've been a great broadhead, but just thought I'd like a change. Only complaint I've ever had from the Rocket Sidewinder broadhead
is the blades tend to bend after you've shot an animal. And we all know that broadheads aren't cheap, so I've heard alot of good things about GrimReaper broadheads, so I'm going to be using them this year while bowhunting. I've personally witnessed a GrimReaper Razortip broadhead blast through two front shoulders of a big Kansas whitetail, so they definitely cut and penetrate great. No O-rings or Rubber bands to mess with. They come in different cutting sizes. I'm going to be shooting the Razortip 1 3/8" cut 100 grain broadhead. I hope to be showing you some harvest pics in the coming months!! Good luck hunting everyone!!

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Arkansas Bear Season Opened Today

Ursus americanus American Black BearImage via Wikipedia

Well, Arkansas Bear Season opened today!! But it doesn't open in my zone for another couple weeks :( I just started in the last few years doing some bowhunting for black bear, and I have to admit seeing those massive bears coming into your bait gets your adrenaline flowing!! Black bears are so stealthy when they're walking in the woods so you have to stay on your toes, because more than likely you'll see them before you hear them. I use a 55-gallon drum with about a 10-inch square hole cut out on the side of the barrel towards the bottom, so the bears have to work at getting the bait out. I've used all kind of stuff for bear bait. Corn, dogfood, donuts, scraps from restaurants, fish, etc. Just about anything sweet works wonders, and more syrup than a man could imagine. I'm always up for other suggestions. What do you guys use? Tips for black bear hunting?

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GamePlanGear-New Camera Bag

Surfing around the internet the other night, and ran across this site. It's called GamePlanGear('ve got some sweet looking backpacks. The "cameraman" pack looks like a must, when you're videoing hunts. It has a place for camera, tree arm, tripod, etc.

The BowBat bowhunting pack looks pretty sweet as well. I think you'll see these on the big hunting shows before long. The pack will strap around your tree, so all your hunting accessories are close. Here's what the BowBat pack looks like:

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Bushnell Trophy Cam plus Game Camera Lock Box

Bushnell CorporationImage via Wikipedia

I purchased the new Bushnell Trophy Cam Game Camera a few weeks ago. This is my first infrared game camera. It takes infrared pictures at night, and color during the day. I've just done some testing at the house, and I'm loving it. It's got a great trigger speed. Around 1.2 seconds!! No flash!! Very small!! The dimensions are 6" x 4". Plus, the batter life on this camera is around 3-6 months!! I've got a Moultrie Game Camera also, it's been a good camera, but trigger speed is pretty slow, so I've mainly used it over mineral site. I'll be able to use the Bushnell Trophy Cam over trails, etc. We've got alot of bears on our place, so I've been searching the internet for a good lock box for the camera. A friend found this website ( that makes a great box. Fits perfectly and has spots for hookups, and slots for variety of cables.

Here's a great website for Digital Game Camera Reviews:
Chasin Game -

If you got any questions about the lockbox or camera, ask away...
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