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I'm addicted!! I need help!!

Day 059/365 - Heroine AddictionImage by Tiago Rïbeiro via Flickr
Please help!! I have a serious issue. This addiction started so fast I didn't see it coming. First use, was recreational. Now I just can't get enough of it....I find myself using while at work, while I suppose to be working around the house...I even sneak a hit or two in between TV shows at night. Any suggestions for help? I'm sure there is a support group that I could find somewhere. The drug is easy to come by, and even has a free option. By the way, my drug of choice is Google Earth!! I've looked at so many hunting places I'm pretty sure I have them memorized. I'm leaving for Kansas Friday, so hopefully I can bag a good buck, and take a break for awhile!!

Kids remember drugs are bad and will ruin your life. Try hunting and fishing, they both have great adrenaline rushes, and hunting and fishing trips can become some of your best memories!!
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