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Bowhunter shooting skeet!

I wouldn't say he's the greatest archer of all time, but looks like the guy can shoot!! I came across this bow shooting video. I'm not sure if this is real or fake, but if it's real very impressive. This guy from Kansas can straight up shoot, whether it be bow or gun. Very impressive skeet shooting with a compound bow. It looks like he uses some sort of custom skeet thrower. Check this video out!!

StruttinBucks knocks down a BIG Illinois Buck!!

Heath and Brandon went up to Illinois this past week. They only hunted a few days and knocked down a big Illinois buck. This will be on Season 3 of StruttinBuck Outdoor Reality TV show. They got some great footage, so check it out this upcoming year.

I won the lottery!!...well maybe not the lottery but still I won something!!

I'm the type of guy that always misses giveaways by one number or one person, but this time I actually won!!
Ben, over at Ben G. Outdoors, put on a Reader Appreciation Giveway a few weeks ago , and I was one of the lucky winners!! I won second place, which was a hoodie from Warrior Outdoors. He also gave away several other great prizes including several Rack Attack DVDs from Warrior Outdoors, Muck Boots from Hank's Clothing, and a Magnet Gun Caddy.

Big thanks to Ben for putting this giveaway on. Stop by and check out his site Ben G. Outdoors, he's always got some great articles!!

I'm addicted!! I need help!!

Day 059/365 - Heroine AddictionImage by Tiago Rïbeiro via Flickr
Please help!! I have a serious issue. This addiction started so fast I didn't see it coming. First use, was recreational. Now I just can't get enough of it....I find myself using while at work, while I suppose to be working around the house...I even sneak a hit or two in between TV shows at night. Any suggestions for help? I'm sure there is a support group that I could find somewhere. The drug is easy to come by, and even has a free option. By the way, my drug of choice is Google Earth!! I've looked at so many hunting places I'm pretty sure I have them memorized. I'm leaving for Kansas Friday, so hopefully I can bag a good buck, and take a break for awhile!!

Kids remember drugs are bad and will ruin your life. Try hunting and fishing, they both have great adrenaline rushes, and hunting and fishing trips can become some of your best memories!!
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