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New Comer to Outdoor Gear-Check out Muddy Outdoors

I've been noticing alot of advertisements lately on Muddy Outdoors. They've got some really good looking products. Treestands, climbing sticks, harnesses, camera arms, etc. The climbing sticks look very similar to the Lone Wolf sticks, and everyone knows how popular those are. I bought some last week, can't wait to use them this year. Muddy Outdoors offers "Hunter" and "Hunter Pro" stands. They are basically identical stands other than the "Hunter Pro" being a little smaller platform and weighing a couple pounds less. I really like how the seat and platform adjusts so if you have few tree choices at least you can make your stand fit the tree. If anyone has any of these stands, I'd love to hear how you like them. Go Muddy!!

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Funny Hardee's Commercial!!

Which hole do you prefer?

Waterspout in Conway captured on video |

This happened yesterday, while I was in Conway...I didn't know anything about it, until people came around my cube talking about a funnel cloud..good thing it wasn't a tornado
This happened yesterday while I was in Conway. All the cubes were chattering, did you see the funnel cloud, etc..

Waterspout in Conway captured on video |

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How to Lead a Successful Life

How to Lead a Successful Life

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Adding some hunting gear...

Just bought me some Lone Wolf climbing sticks at Mount George Archery shop. I
got the 4-piece set so I can get a little higher. Johnny has a great archery shop so
stop by sometime, but it's hard for me to go over there and not spend money.

Super lightweight-2.5 lbs per stick, so total of 10 lbs. Quiet to setup, can't wait to stick'em on a tree.

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Buffalo River Camping-Day Three

All I can say is "Thank God for ear plugs!!" I slept like a baby. I think we stayed up til 2 or 3 playing cards. The store didn't have any regular ear plugs, so I just got the ear plugs for kid's, to keep water out of their ears. I was desperate, and they worked like a charm. Needless to say I think I rolled out of my tent around 10 am that morning.

The river was pretty active, there was a steady stream of canoe-ers that day. Carson and I got some fishing in later that afternoon. I'm thinking he's going to be right by my side whenever I go hunting and fishing, and I couldn't be more happy about that. I can't wait to show him the outdoors, and experience them with him.

Then we got our grill on!!! Huge Ribeye steaks and fried potatoes for dinner!! Then fixed smores for dessert! Got my tail whomped at cards, then decided to turn in for the night, since we'd be packing up in the morning.

We had a great trip, and great friends with us, can't ask much more than that!!
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Buffalo River Camping-Day Two

Day One and Two ran together for me, since I only got about an hour sleep. Note to self: Always bring ear plugs. I'm a lite sleeper, so with the coons having a ten-round fight over gummie snacks, bread, and potatoes that we left out, I didn't sleep much. But turned out great, around 5:45 am I decided the heck with it. I got up, and decided to walk to a nearby field, to see if I could see any elk grazing. Well, I forgot my binoculars in the truck, but I didn't see any elk in the field, so I decided to head to the river, and see if the smallmouth were biting. Fishing was slow, I was using a silver crankbait initially, then switched to a broken-back minnow, and it was on like donkey kong then. I caught several fish for the next 45 mins to an hour. It was awesome. If you've never caught a smallmouth bass you're missing out, the fight they give for being so small is unbelieveable.

Transparent PNG of Smallmouth bass (Micropteru...Image via Wikipedia

We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the river.

We drove into town to pick up some cooking oil, and ear plugs(woohoo) later that day. On the way into town, we saw some elk grazing in a hay field. One bull elk and several cows...I was so wishing I had a camera with me. They are impressive animals. I hope to go hunt them sometime in the future.

The night ended with some great hamburgers cooked on the grill, and some card playing...

Day Three Coming Soon...
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Buffalo River Camping-Day One

Just got back from 3 days of camping at Tyler Bend on the Buffalo River. My 3-year old son had a blast!! So far I think he enjoys the outdoors as much as I do. It was hot, but we stayed at the river almost everyday..swam,fish, etc. First night, was rough. I went up Thursday afternoon, set up camp, then had to drive back an hour and a half for a softball game. My wife and her friend went up Thursday when they got off work. My buddy and I drove up after our softball game. We saw three snakes on the highway on the way up there. I got out and took a pic of this rattlesnake, because my buddy was too scared to get out and take the pic. I think it was a timber rattler..pretty young one. Probably only had around 5 or 6 rattles

I just couldn't make myself runover it either...I guess I'm getting soft. We finally made it to camp around midnight that night. Finally went to bed around 2 am, then listened to coons fight over the food that someone left out, needless to say, I got about an hour two coming soon

Raccoons in a tree.Image via Wikipedia

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