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Buffalo River Camping-Day Two

Day One and Two ran together for me, since I only got about an hour sleep. Note to self: Always bring ear plugs. I'm a lite sleeper, so with the coons having a ten-round fight over gummie snacks, bread, and potatoes that we left out, I didn't sleep much. But turned out great, around 5:45 am I decided the heck with it. I got up, and decided to walk to a nearby field, to see if I could see any elk grazing. Well, I forgot my binoculars in the truck, but I didn't see any elk in the field, so I decided to head to the river, and see if the smallmouth were biting. Fishing was slow, I was using a silver crankbait initially, then switched to a broken-back minnow, and it was on like donkey kong then. I caught several fish for the next 45 mins to an hour. It was awesome. If you've never caught a smallmouth bass you're missing out, the fight they give for being so small is unbelieveable.

Transparent PNG of Smallmouth bass (Micropteru...Image via Wikipedia

We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the river.

We drove into town to pick up some cooking oil, and ear plugs(woohoo) later that day. On the way into town, we saw some elk grazing in a hay field. One bull elk and several cows...I was so wishing I had a camera with me. They are impressive animals. I hope to go hunt them sometime in the future.

The night ended with some great hamburgers cooked on the grill, and some card playing...

Day Three Coming Soon...
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