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North American Super Slam!! One of my dreams!!

One of my dreams, and maybe one of these days, it'll become a goal of mine. Is there a difference between dreams and goals? I perceive dreams are something I can dream about, but may not be able to accomplish right away, whereas, goals are things that can be accomplished. Anywho...being a die-hard bowhunter, hunting and killing the 28 species that Pope and Young Club recognizes is a unbelieveable accomplishment!! I've not hunted outside of Arkansas much, so I have a long way to go, but it's one of those "epic" adventures that I'd love to start sometime in my lifetime, better yet, start it when my son gets old enough to do it with me, now that would be a dream come true!!

Here's a recent article to a man that has completed the slam!! Congrats Mr. Martin!! I'd love to sit down with him, and listen to the wonderful stories that go with each one of the hunts!!

North American Super Slam

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Interesting people in this world...

Me and a buddy of mine have been talking about outdoor adventures, hiking, canoing, etc., lately I've ran across a couple of articles that have blown my mind. This article is a story of a man, that lives in a tepee in his parents backyard. Of course, I first thought what a bum :) Then I realize he's a recent college graduate, a commodities broker, so I'm sure he makes well over my income, and after reading more of the story. He's a guy who just loves the outdoors, so I respect that. Maybe still a little eccentric, but still pretty cool. He makes his own fire, sleeps on a bear skin rug, and uses a hippopotamus skin as a blanket(apparently those don't catch on fire).

So if my wife ever kicks me out of the house, I'll just throw up a tent in the backyard!!

Life in a tepee
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Impressive Hiking Trip

I have some buddies that have been hiking for the last couple years. I for one don't like hiking in the cold, much less doing anything in the cold unless it's hunting and then I have the clothes and equipment for it. I came across this article today, and I got to give Jenny Foster some props!! Way to go Jenny!! She ran a rugged trail in the wonderful mountains in Arkansas in an impressive time!! Here is the link to the article..
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What to do when hunting season ends

Well, Arkansas bowhunting season is almost over...It's sad!! I spend so much time getting ready for the season and then hunting like a madman, and then it's over. I'm already thinking about next season....Here are some things that might help pass the time.

1) Shoot indoor/outdoor 3d
2) Bowfishing-check out them Steven sent ya!!
3) Go hunt some hogs somewhere
4) Shed hunting
5) Check/clean all your gear
6) Prepare food plots
7) Clear shooting lanes
8) Late-season scouting
9) Pick up the rod-n-reel and do some fishing
(And of course the most important...)
10) All the honey-dos that you've been putting off all hunting season!!

Good luck and God Bless!!
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