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Bushnell Trophy Cam plus Game Camera Lock Box

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I purchased the new Bushnell Trophy Cam Game Camera a few weeks ago. This is my first infrared game camera. It takes infrared pictures at night, and color during the day. I've just done some testing at the house, and I'm loving it. It's got a great trigger speed. Around 1.2 seconds!! No flash!! Very small!! The dimensions are 6" x 4". Plus, the batter life on this camera is around 3-6 months!! I've got a Moultrie Game Camera also, it's been a good camera, but trigger speed is pretty slow, so I've mainly used it over mineral site. I'll be able to use the Bushnell Trophy Cam over trails, etc. We've got alot of bears on our place, so I've been searching the internet for a good lock box for the camera. A friend found this website ( that makes a great box. Fits perfectly and has spots for hookups, and slots for variety of cables.

Here's a great website for Digital Game Camera Reviews:
Chasin Game -

If you got any questions about the lockbox or camera, ask away...
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Arkansas football practice report - University of Arkansas Athletics

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Razorback football season is here!!! Should be an exciting season. Alot of storylines to follow this year. I'm just glad we've got some good competition at skill positions. Mallet vs Wilson, RBs too many to count, Michael Smith, Dennis Johnson, D'Anthony Curtis, new comers Ronnie Wingo, Broderick Green.. Hopefully our secondary will be much improved. I sure hope Darius Winston is everything and more than what he was hyped to be..we will need him to be a shut-down corner immediately. We've got a tough schedule this year but I'm hoping for 7-5 maybe 8-4, those would be good records. Woo Pig Sooie!!

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Arkansas football practice report - University of Arkansas Athletics

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Technology..Helping us and hurting us at the same time

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I was talking to someone the other day about how technology, specifically smart phones, email, etc, has affected society. On one hand, we are extremely more productive and effective, but on the other sometimes we miss out on the small things in life, and alot of times these are the most important. Just something to think about...I stumbled onto this article, and thought I'd pass it on.

The Challenge of Being Absent While Present - ChurchCrunch
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RetailMeNot-Great source for discounts

If you're like me you like to do alot of shopping, and reservations online. Check RetailMeNot out, they have over 150,000 coupon codes that you can use for many different stores. They have codes for BassPro, GanderMountain, Cabelas, and Sportsmans Guide. These are the sites I usually use when buying hunting gear online. So before you buy again, check to see if they've got some coupons to help you out!!

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