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Arkansas River Valley rich with hunting opportunities

Arkansas River Valley rich with hunting opportunities … more

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Bushnell Trophy Cam Pics

I thought I'd post a few pictures from my new Bushnell Trophy Game Camera that I bought this year. I love the camera. It takes color pictures during day, and no-flash IR pictures at night. When taking infrared pictures at night, a little red light comes on then goes off that's it. I'm got it setup on my bear site right now, but I moved it earlier this week, so hopefully I'll be posting some pics of a big buck next week.

Bowhunting Blog - The Bear Hunting Necessities

Great Bowhunting Blog-good article on bear hunting setups, check it out!!

Bowhunting Blog - The Bear Hunting Necessities

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Blast from the past - Arkansas Bear Hunt

Arkansas Archery Bear season is right around the corner, so I thought I'd post this hunting video, that me and my brother-in-law filmed a few years back. Bowhunting black bear is a pretty cool experience. We've actually got some good black bear hunting in Arkansas. There are several bears over 300lbs killed in Arkansas every year. Hope you enjoy the video, and hopefully I'll be posting another video in a few weeks, if I get lucky enough to harvest a big black bear.

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Going with GrimReaper Broadheads!!

Well, I've been shooting Rocket Sidewinder broadheads
for a few years now. They've been a great broadhead, but just thought I'd like a change. Only complaint I've ever had from the Rocket Sidewinder broadhead
is the blades tend to bend after you've shot an animal. And we all know that broadheads aren't cheap, so I've heard alot of good things about GrimReaper broadheads, so I'm going to be using them this year while bowhunting. I've personally witnessed a GrimReaper Razortip broadhead blast through two front shoulders of a big Kansas whitetail, so they definitely cut and penetrate great. No O-rings or Rubber bands to mess with. They come in different cutting sizes. I'm going to be shooting the Razortip 1 3/8" cut 100 grain broadhead. I hope to be showing you some harvest pics in the coming months!! Good luck hunting everyone!!

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Arkansas Bear Season Opened Today

Ursus americanus American Black BearImage via Wikipedia

Well, Arkansas Bear Season opened today!! But it doesn't open in my zone for another couple weeks :( I just started in the last few years doing some bowhunting for black bear, and I have to admit seeing those massive bears coming into your bait gets your adrenaline flowing!! Black bears are so stealthy when they're walking in the woods so you have to stay on your toes, because more than likely you'll see them before you hear them. I use a 55-gallon drum with about a 10-inch square hole cut out on the side of the barrel towards the bottom, so the bears have to work at getting the bait out. I've used all kind of stuff for bear bait. Corn, dogfood, donuts, scraps from restaurants, fish, etc. Just about anything sweet works wonders, and more syrup than a man could imagine. I'm always up for other suggestions. What do you guys use? Tips for black bear hunting?

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GamePlanGear-New Camera Bag

Surfing around the internet the other night, and ran across this site. It's called GamePlanGear('ve got some sweet looking backpacks. The "cameraman" pack looks like a must, when you're videoing hunts. It has a place for camera, tree arm, tripod, etc.

The BowBat bowhunting pack looks pretty sweet as well. I think you'll see these on the big hunting shows before long. The pack will strap around your tree, so all your hunting accessories are close. Here's what the BowBat pack looks like:

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