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Going with GrimReaper Broadheads!!

Well, I've been shooting Rocket Sidewinder broadheads
for a few years now. They've been a great broadhead, but just thought I'd like a change. Only complaint I've ever had from the Rocket Sidewinder broadhead
is the blades tend to bend after you've shot an animal. And we all know that broadheads aren't cheap, so I've heard alot of good things about GrimReaper broadheads, so I'm going to be using them this year while bowhunting. I've personally witnessed a GrimReaper Razortip broadhead blast through two front shoulders of a big Kansas whitetail, so they definitely cut and penetrate great. No O-rings or Rubber bands to mess with. They come in different cutting sizes. I'm going to be shooting the Razortip 1 3/8" cut 100 grain broadhead. I hope to be showing you some harvest pics in the coming months!! Good luck hunting everyone!!

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