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Arkansas Bear Season Opened Today

Ursus americanus American Black BearImage via Wikipedia

Well, Arkansas Bear Season opened today!! But it doesn't open in my zone for another couple weeks :( I just started in the last few years doing some bowhunting for black bear, and I have to admit seeing those massive bears coming into your bait gets your adrenaline flowing!! Black bears are so stealthy when they're walking in the woods so you have to stay on your toes, because more than likely you'll see them before you hear them. I use a 55-gallon drum with about a 10-inch square hole cut out on the side of the barrel towards the bottom, so the bears have to work at getting the bait out. I've used all kind of stuff for bear bait. Corn, dogfood, donuts, scraps from restaurants, fish, etc. Just about anything sweet works wonders, and more syrup than a man could imagine. I'm always up for other suggestions. What do you guys use? Tips for black bear hunting?

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