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Bushnell Trophy Cam Pics

I thought I'd post a few pictures from my new Bushnell Trophy Game Camera that I bought this year. I love the camera. It takes color pictures during day, and no-flash IR pictures at night. When taking infrared pictures at night, a little red light comes on then goes off that's it. I'm got it setup on my bear site right now, but I moved it earlier this week, so hopefully I'll be posting some pics of a big buck next week.


Deer Tracking Cameras said...

Great bear pic.

I picked up a Bushnell Trophy Cam this past week, and am loving it. The 1 year battery life is something that I have not seen out of any other digital game camera on the market, and I own a bunch of them. You have to use lithium AA batteries to get the 1 year battery life, but you still get 6 months with alkaline batteries.

I haven't been this pumped about a game camera in quite some time. Keep the pics coming!

Vance said...

Wow this is amazing. Sometimes you get really good pics and strange ones as well which you might have never seen before.
Bushnell trophy cam

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