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Introducing Kids to the Outdoors in Arkansas

The newest challenge from Outdoor Bloggers Summit,OBS, was to write an article on "How to Get Everyone to Play Outdoors". Writing is not my expertise, but I've been fortunate to spend alot of time in the outdoors starting as a young child, and so I just want to share some of my experiences, and hopefully they'll spur you along or entice you to take a kid to the outdoors.

Arkansas Grand CanyonImage by El Destructo via Flickr

First of all, I've lived in the great state of Arkansas all my life. Unlike many states, Arkansas has numerous outdoor options including hiking, camping, canoeing, hunting, fishing,mountain bike riding and many other activities. Not many states have the variety of outdoor activities that we get to enjoy here in Arkansas. Guess that's why we're called the Natural State.

Arkansas Outdoors
Over 250 hiking trails that cover more than 1,500 miles
Over 2.9 million acres of public access national forest for hunting,fishing, camping, and hiking
600,000 acres of lakes and 9,000 miles of streams and rivers for water sports, scuba, fishing, etc.

Hiking in Arkansas

Highest point in ArkansasImage by El Destructo via Flickr
Numerous hiking trails to explore including day hikes, and backpacking adventures. Mountain bike trails, horse trails, and hiking trails take you into some of the most beautiful country you have ever seen.
(insert pic of buffalo river mountains,etc)

On and Off the Beaten Path, a guided hiking tour company based in North Arkansas, offers day hikes in the Ozark National Forest and the Buffalo River Wilderness Area.

Camping in Arkansas

There are more than 200 public-owned Arkansas campgrounds—offering nearly 9,800 individual family campsites.

Arkansas State Parks


Canoeing and Kayaking Arkansas Streams
Arkansas is home to the Buffalo River. The Buffalo River was chosen as America’s first national river in 1972, an honor held by only America’s finest rivers. I can honestly say these pictures don't do the river justice. You have to see the place for yourself. There are several outfitters that can plan you a trip, whether you want a half-day,full-day, or multi-day trip (which are awesome!! I'll be taking our annual 3-day float trip in April, can't wait!!). This is a great river to float for families, but also has some more difficult rapids upstream. You owe it to yourself to come check this river out.

There are many more things to do in Arkansas outdoors. I just don't have the time to list them here and explain. Most important thing to remember is take your family and children to the outdoors. It's important we keep them involved with the outdoors, so they can make sure that we preserve the wonderful outdoors that we all enjoy so much. If you want to experience the Arkansas outdoors, feel free to give me a shout, and I'll do what I can to help you!! Take care and God Bless!!

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