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Every hunter that is married needs this T-shirt

I stumbled upon this T-shirt, and I have to admit I love it, and will probably be ordering one soon!! I'm sure all you married hunters out there will be able to appreciate it. We all love our wives I'm sure, but we love them more when they let us go hunting!!

I love my wife funny hunting Light T-Shirt - CafePress

More Bushnell Trophy Camera Pictures

There are some many options these days on game cameras!! I've had some Moultrie game cameras, and they were good. But I'm still very pleased with the Bushnell Trophy Cam game camera. I've included some infrared pictures so you can get an idea of what kind of pics the game camera takes. Hope these help when making your decision to purchase your new game camera!!

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Best Archery Target for 2010 - Rinehart RhinoBlock Archery Target

When you get ready to go buy your new archery target this year. Check out the new Rinehart RhinoBlock Archery Target. Six unique sides to shoot at. As well as, two sides featuring a 3-D deer target.Measures 16x16x13. Unlike other Block-style targets, the Rinehart RhinoBlock Target has a replaceable inner core, if you ever shoot it out. But if the durability is anything like the Rinehart 18-in-1 target, it'll last a long time before you wear it out.
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