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Interesting people in this world...

Me and a buddy of mine have been talking about outdoor adventures, hiking, canoing, etc., lately I've ran across a couple of articles that have blown my mind. This article is a story of a man, that lives in a tepee in his parents backyard. Of course, I first thought what a bum :) Then I realize he's a recent college graduate, a commodities broker, so I'm sure he makes well over my income, and after reading more of the story. He's a guy who just loves the outdoors, so I respect that. Maybe still a little eccentric, but still pretty cool. He makes his own fire, sleeps on a bear skin rug, and uses a hippopotamus skin as a blanket(apparently those don't catch on fire).

So if my wife ever kicks me out of the house, I'll just throw up a tent in the backyard!!

Life in a tepee
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