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North American Super Slam!! One of my dreams!!

One of my dreams, and maybe one of these days, it'll become a goal of mine. Is there a difference between dreams and goals? I perceive dreams are something I can dream about, but may not be able to accomplish right away, whereas, goals are things that can be accomplished. Anywho...being a die-hard bowhunter, hunting and killing the 28 species that Pope and Young Club recognizes is a unbelieveable accomplishment!! I've not hunted outside of Arkansas much, so I have a long way to go, but it's one of those "epic" adventures that I'd love to start sometime in my lifetime, better yet, start it when my son gets old enough to do it with me, now that would be a dream come true!!

Here's a recent article to a man that has completed the slam!! Congrats Mr. Martin!! I'd love to sit down with him, and listen to the wonderful stories that go with each one of the hunts!!

North American Super Slam

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