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Buffalo River Camping-Day Three

All I can say is "Thank God for ear plugs!!" I slept like a baby. I think we stayed up til 2 or 3 playing cards. The store didn't have any regular ear plugs, so I just got the ear plugs for kid's, to keep water out of their ears. I was desperate, and they worked like a charm. Needless to say I think I rolled out of my tent around 10 am that morning.

The river was pretty active, there was a steady stream of canoe-ers that day. Carson and I got some fishing in later that afternoon. I'm thinking he's going to be right by my side whenever I go hunting and fishing, and I couldn't be more happy about that. I can't wait to show him the outdoors, and experience them with him.

Then we got our grill on!!! Huge Ribeye steaks and fried potatoes for dinner!! Then fixed smores for dessert! Got my tail whomped at cards, then decided to turn in for the night, since we'd be packing up in the morning.

We had a great trip, and great friends with us, can't ask much more than that!!
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