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Taking the wife hunting....Lord, give me Patience

Well, after my bear hunting debacle this year, my hunting has been slow!! I took my wife muzzleloading this past saturday. And of course, we get in a little spat before we go. I can tend to think she should know everything about hunting, and I'm not very patient anyway. But I'm working on it, so give me a break. After she got me lined out, we kissed and made up, and heading to the stand. We saw a few does, and she wanted to shoot one, but I had mercy for them, until they snorted at us. I told her to shoot one, but she didn't think I was serious. The way I look at it is if those does want to act stupid, then I'll let the air out of them :) We got some good video of them though. They came into the food plot around 5:30pm and left at dark. They were chowing down on Austrian winter peas mixed with Biologic Green Patch Plus. She didn't get to put anything on the ground, but we still had a great time watching the deer, and spending time together.
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