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How to make Homemade Deer Mineral Lick

A Baby Fawn Whitetail Deer laying in the grass...
Thought I'd pass along this recipe for a homemade mineral lick for deer. Here's a link to the eHow article: How to make Homemade Mineral Lick. In addition to deer feeders, it's very important to have an established deer mineral lick. I've used this recipe in the past, and it's proven it works. Not only do deer utilize it heavily, these supplement minerals provide alot of nutrition for the deer.

1 part Dicalcium Phosphate (dairy feed additive, comes in 50lb bags. You'll need one)
2 parts trace mineral salt (loose) (50lb bags, buy two)
1 part loose stock salt.  (50lb bags, buy one)

Makes around 200lbs, you can usually make two or three mineral licks with the ingredients.

All of these are available to purchase at most local feed and farm supply stores. You can use a 3-lb coffee can for the measurements. Clear 3-ft circle of ground of any leaves, debris, etc. Also, you can use a rake or shovel to break up the ground, so the minerals get soaked into the soil.

Dicalcium phosphate is used primarily as dairy cattle feed additive and other animal feeds. It promotes feed digestion, weight gain, and milk production, which is obviously beneficial to a lactating doe deer. Dicalcium phosphate contains roughly between 18 and 21 percent phosphorus and 19 to 23 percent calcium.

Dicalicium phospate is great for antler growth because antlers are consist of large amounts of calcium and phosphorous.

Trace minerals contains salt, which is an attractant, but also contains magnesium and potassium. These minerals also help the deer herd health.

This should be replenished after 6 months and then once a year thereafter. Most use seems to be during the spring and summer months on mineral licks. It's a good idea to keep these areas replenished and stocked in the same spot to maintain use. I like to put mine out in March. Also, it's nice to have this mineral spot close to water.

Good luck hunting!!

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