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More Bushnell Trophy Camera Pictures

There are some many options these days on game cameras!! I've had some Moultrie game cameras, and they were good. But I'm still very pleased with the Bushnell Trophy Cam game camera. I've included some infrared pictures so you can get an idea of what kind of pics the game camera takes. Hope these help when making your decision to purchase your new game camera!!

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vance said...

Several manufacturers make security cases for their scouting cameras. Bushnell's Trophy Cam case is designed for a high level of protection from the game you are photographing. It can be secured to the tree either by lag screws or a Master Python Lock and comes with a keyed padlock. This case can also be used in conjunction with Bushnell's tree bracket which screws into any tree. The ¼ - 20 thread portion of the bracket can then be screwed into the bottom of the Trophy Cam camera. An adjustable head provides for flexibility in mounting.
Bushnell trophy cam

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