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Bears and Big Buck - things are looking GOOD!!

Well, second day was uneventful. Bears had hit the bait at night, but nothing during daylight hours. So on the 3rd day I decided to hunt on the bear stand all day. That morning around 9am I heard something to my left and saw a deer moving behind me. I noticed antlers right away. He was about 60-70 yards away, of course, since I was on the bear stand I wasn't prepared to see any deer, so I didn't have a grunt call or anything. Plus he was heading away from me, and don't think it would have helped. He looked to be around 120" deer, hopefully I can catch up with him later. Saw another smaller buck on the same trail about 30 minutes later. No

bears came into the stand so I decided to get down at 11, and go to camp and get some lunch. I climbed back up into my stand at 1:45 and noticed the barrel had been moved, and two fresh piles of bear crap right in front of my camera. I couldn't believe it. I've sat in the stand for several hours, and took a small break and they come in. I was upset to say the least, so I figured that was going to be it, so I took a nap. I woke up to something running down the hill. I couldn't believe it. Two bears coming in!! My heart started pounding!! Turned the video camera on..grabbed bow. I realized these were two smaller bears probably around 175-200lbs, definitely not the big ones I had on camera, but I decided I'd try and take one. I setting my pin, and shot....right over it's back!! I thought it was just nerves, they didn't spook, so I grabbed another arrow, gathered my composure, released another arrow..WHACK, no that wasn't a whack of hitting the bear I had shot high again perfectly nailing the 55-gallon drum. One of the bear ran one way another the other this point I'm so rattled I don't know that the problem is...I get another arrow, last one might I add, the bear comes in again to try and meet up with the other. So I shot again, and yes you guessed it..right over it AGAIN!! They finally left, so I got down got my arrows and climbed back up. I decided my sights must have been knocked off, so I shot at a spot on the ground, and I was correct. I was over a foot high at 20 yards, so I'm guessing either bumped it on the four wheeler or bumped the sights when pulling it up the tree. Needless to say, I'm still feeling rejected over it...but it was exciting and fun, and that is bowhunting!! Going to shoot my bow right now to see where the problem is!! Here is a couple pics of the bears before I attempted to shoot one of them :)

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