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Bushnell Trophy Cam plus Game Camera Lock Box

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I purchased the new Bushnell Trophy Cam Game Camera a few weeks ago. This is my first infrared game camera. It takes infrared pictures at night, and color during the day. I've just done some testing at the house, and I'm loving it. It's got a great trigger speed. Around 1.2 seconds!! No flash!! Very small!! The dimensions are 6" x 4". Plus, the batter life on this camera is around 3-6 months!! I've got a Moultrie Game Camera also, it's been a good camera, but trigger speed is pretty slow, so I've mainly used it over mineral site. I'll be able to use the Bushnell Trophy Cam over trails, etc. We've got alot of bears on our place, so I've been searching the internet for a good lock box for the camera. A friend found this website ( that makes a great box. Fits perfectly and has spots for hookups, and slots for variety of cables.

Here's a great website for Digital Game Camera Reviews:
Chasin Game -

If you got any questions about the lockbox or camera, ask away...
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vance said...

Whether you've been using your trail camera for years or you got your first one this past Christmas, you might want to consider some accessories that will help to make it either easier to use or more effective. Some of the more common ones are security cases, mounting brackets, drop tines for mounting, solar panels for charging batteries and viewers for checking your images in the field.
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