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Bushnell Trophy Cam = Fast Trigger = Great Game Camera Pics

Here are some game camera pics from my Bushnell Trophy Cam game camera. I'll try and keep posting some pictures as the year goes along. Hopefully, I can post some big buck pictures in the future. The year is a little slow so far. This camera was setup on just a deer trail. No corn or any other attractant. As you can see the camera triggered before the deer even got to full frame. I've used Moultrie game cameras in the past, and while they've been good over feeders, I've never gotten a great trigger speed out of the Moultrie game cameras. But I've usually gotten the$100-$150 range cameras from Moultrie. I do not know how the higher end cameras perform. But so far, I love this new Bushnell Trophy Cam!! These pictures are taken using the 3-megapixel setting. It has a 5-megapixel setting also. Hope you enjoy the pics!!

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